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OSOPADEC Workers Lock Chairman Out Of Office In Protest Of Death Of Unpaid Colleagues And Unfair Treatment

Workers of the Ondo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, OSOPADEC, on Monday blocked the entrance to their office to protest against ‘unfair treatment’ meted on them by top management staff of the Commission.

According to many of the workers, efforts to convince top management staff members of the commission to pay the gratuity of its retired workers proved void.

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Dr. Damages 153: The Tale of Two Kings: Swazi King Vs. Alaafin of Oyo

As Pres. Obama talks tough to ISIS, the always stupid Dr. Damages makes the mistake of comparing his approach to that of President Jonathan’s approach to Boko Haram. And as Scotland prepares to leave the United Kingdom, Prince William seems not to have gotten the memo. Dr. Damages tells you what the prince is adding to his shrinking kingdom.
In a tale of two kings, Dr. Damages compares the King of Swaziland with the Alaafin of Oyo. They may have equal number of wives but the gate of Buckingham Palace opens when one of them comes along. Which one is it?

Two Nigerians And An Israeli Smuggle $9.3million Into South Africa In A Private Jet To Buy Arms Allegedly On Behalf Of The Nigerian Government

South African police are investigating two Nigerians and an Israeli citizen who tried to bring $9.3 million in cash into the country illegally, a spokesman said on Monday. There were suspicions that the money could be meant for arms. The Nigerians, coming from Abuja, were not identified, according to a report by Reuters.

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Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak In Nigeria: The Issues At Stake By #JayeGaskia

My worry is that we might end up with a situation where only a few highbrow public and private schools are covered from EVD, either because of the exceptional links of proprietors to the high and mighty, or because the children of the high and mighty attend these chosen schools.

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